Sports Coach

Level 4

Typical Duration  14 – 18 months

This occupation is found in the sport and physical activity sector in high-performance, community and school environments.

HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORT COACHES: develop athletes and players in high-performance settings, including those on talent or development pathways, national or international programmes, professional or podium environments.  

COMMUNITY SPORT COACHES: motivate and engage people of all ages and abilities in community sports and physical activity settings. Community sport includes local authority, charity and national governing body of sport community initiatives or clubs.

SCHOOL SPORT COACHES: collaborate with teachers to develop pupils’ mastery of psychomotor skills by applying a whole child approach in their coaching. They work in all categories of school and registered childcare environments.

Sport coaches aim to provide meaningful and high-quality learning, development and performance experiences. They support the achievement of medals in talent, national and international competition, enrich performance in local competitions, increase participation, raise educational standards, enhance wellbeing and drive social change. Sport coaches can influence national wellness to reduce burden on the National Health Service.

In their daily work, a sports coach interacts with and influences the coaching team including assistant coaches, coaches, managers, sponsors, boards and wider industry support networks. They do this through the design and delivery of their own coaching philosophy and professional practices in line with the organisational visions, strategies, policies and processes.  They may also influence professional and governing bodies through their own practice.  Sports Coaches measure the impact of their coaching strategies through analysis of participant, coach, coaching team and organisational perception and performance data. This is then benchmarked against local, national and international trends relevant to the environment in which they are coaching.

Mandatory topics within this apprenticeship include:

Principles of behavioural change when applied to sport and physical activity

Coaching or leading pre-planned sport or physical activity sessions

Principles of overcoming barriers to participation in physical activity and sport

Fundamental principles of safeguarding, child protection, cultural awareness, first aid, mental wellbeing, inclusion and working with vulnerable adults

Coaching conduct and role modelling

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